St John's Norway Cemetery and Crematorium

About St John's Norway

A Caring Tradition

St. John's Norway Cemetery, though originally Anglican, is now a nondenominational inter-faith cemetery that has been serving Toronto and surrounding communities since 1853 - 160 years!

We provide services in a compassionate and professional atmosphere. We therefore encourage commemoration of the deceased in ways that are appropriate to the unique preferences and culture of the lives they lived.

The addition of a Crematorium and Chapel, established in December of 1998, ensures that St. John's can provide a full range of contemporary services.

Community History

St. John's Norway occupies approximately 35 acres at the northwest corner of Kingston Road and Woodbine Avenue. In 1853 Charles Coxwell Small deeded three acres of his land to the Rt. Reverend John Strachan, Anglican Bishop of Toronto, for the construction of an church and churchyard to serve the rapidly growing community of Norway, which subsequently became part of Toronto.

Over the years, the cemetery grounds have expanded several times, reaching the current size in 1925. Today the cemetery has more than 50,000 gravesites and nearly 80,000 interments.




Investing in the Future

St. John's Norway operates on a non-profit basis. All monies received are used in the day-to-day operations and maintenance, improvements, and general upkeep of the grounds, burial sites and facilities.

Services Offered

St. John's Norway provides a complete range of services: cremation, chapel, interment and memorialization that meet the various cultural and financial wishes of each individual or family.

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The Grounds

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St. John's Norway Cemetery & Crematorium

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  • Robert G. Turvey, General Manager