St John's Norway Cemetery and Crematorium

How may we serve you?

St. John's Norway provides a complete range of services, cremation, chapel, interment and memorialization that can respond to the cultural and financial requirements of each individual or family, as they wish. We therefore encourage commemoration of the deceased in ways that are appropriate to the unique preferences and culture of the lives they lived.



Our nondenominational Chapel was built to accommodate all services associated with cremation and seats approximately fifty people.


With the Crematorium and Chapel, full cremation services are provided for the community and greater Toronto area.


The aboveground niches on the exterior wall of the Chapel and the free-standing niche monuments can accommodate two to four urns. They are faced with granite and a bronze wreath is available to memorialize individuals.

Cremation Interment

Inground interment may also take place in your existing family lot, a new lot, or in the Berkeley Cremation Garden. Cremated remains may also be scattered at the Eastwood Scattering Garden.

Casket Interment

St. John's continues to offer a wide variety of choice of inground lots which are available throughout the Cemetery.


Markers and monuments are a lasting memorial to your loved one. A variety of flat markers, in granite or bronze, and a wide selection of upright monuments may be purchased through the Cemetery office.


If you have a memorial marker or monument at St. John's, you may contact the cemetery office directly to arrange for cleaning, highlighting and resetting. See the contact page here ».


Existing monuments and flat markers may be updated as required. St. John's utilizes highly skilled artisans to match existing lettering and graphic components. This work is frequently done onsite.


Colourful seasonal wreaths and vase bouquets are available for purchase at the Cemetery office



Annual Gardens

St. John's provides garden services to enhance the appearance of individual lots. Gardens are planted in the early part of June, weather permitting, with a wide range of colourful flowers. This service includes planting, fertilizing, weeding and regular watering through to September.

Interment Rights

The owner of the Interment Rights has complete authority over all burials and memorialization of their lot. When the owner of the interment rights dies, the executor/trix of their estate should transfer these rights to a survivor. A nominal fee is charged for this service and a new Interment Rights Certificate is issued.

Consumer Information:
A Guide to Death Care in Ontario

A Guide to Death Care in Ontario is a free guide provided by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO). The Guide helps consumers know their rights and responsibilities before entering into contracts with organizations that are licensed under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002. All licensees of the BAO - including St John's Cemetery - are required to provide consumers with a copy of this guide when making arrangements.

Ontario Government Consumer Information GuideThe BAO urges all consumers to access A Guide to Death Care in Ontario ahead of time and encourages them to read through the guide, plan ahead and ask lots of questions prior to entering into a contract with the Cemetery.

  • Printed copies are available from the office. View and/or download a copy here » [opens in a new browser window].


St. John's Norway Cemetery and Crematorium operates under a comprehensive set of bylaws that have been approved by the Provincial Government.

A printed copy of these bylaws may be obtained from the office. You may also view /download a copy of the by-laws here »

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